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Rabbi Shlomo Holland
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Tapes by Rabbi Shlomo Holland
$3.00 Per Tape- Page 1

Self Induced Tests Of Avrohom & Yitzchok
Emes- Truth
Our Actions Come Before Our Thoughts
The Theme Of Rosh Hashana
Lessons On Chinuch- (From Mishlei)
Man In Search Of His Soul
The Wholeness Of Hashem
Bitachon & Hishtadus
What Is An Angel?
The Mitzvah Of Fearing Hashem
The High Holidays (Yomim Noraim)
Creation Of One's Self
The Spark Of The Neshama In Our Hearts
Anger Management
Judging One Favorably
Birchas Hatorah- Blessings On The Torah
Our Role Of Bechirah -Choice
The Longest Journey From Sinai To Israel
How To Love Hashem
The Mitzvah Of Not Turning After Your Hearts
A Journey Into The World Of Tefilah
The Secret Of Tefilah
Making Your Tefilah Better
The Purpose Of Tefilah
Insights Into Tehillim (Chapter 23)
Mesilas Yesharim- The Path Of The Just
The Proper Way Of Speech
What Does Hashem Want?
The Search For Individuality
Inner Peace
What Is the Real World?
The Convergence Of Derech Eretz
Tapes By Rabbi Shlomo Holland
$3.00 Per Tape- Page 2

Kedusha: You Shall Be A Holy Nation
What Is Torah?
The Purpose Of Life
In Whom Do You Trust?
What Is Existence?
Bechira & Destiny (Part #1) (see also tape #60)
Love & Klal Yisroel
How To Educate Oneself
Our Mesorah
Hashem, Torah & The Jews
Colliding Worlds Of Truth & Falsehood
Coping With Adversity
The Eternal Phenomenon
The Highway Of Life
Appreciating Hashem
The Mitzvah of Kiddush Hashem
The Bond Of Love Between G-d & Man
Being Truthful
What To Aspire For
Why Bad Things Happen To Good People
Proper Speech
The 6th Day Of Creation
The Final Geulah
58)          Insights Into Tehilim Chapters #1& #2
59)          Torah: The State Of The Jewish Nation
60)          Bechira & Destiny (Part #2) (see also tape #40)
61)          Proper Parenting
62)          Purpose Of The Journey From Egypt To Mount Sinai
63)          Giving The Torah- The Eternal Phenomenon
64)          What It Means Naaseh V'nishmah?
65)          An Appointment With Hashem
66)          The Fire Of Geulah Consumes The Fire Of Galus (Tisha B`av)
67)          Kedusha: Spirituality Verses Fluff
68)          Matan Torah- Shovous
69)          Where To Look For Hashem?
70)          How Much "Me" Is Important?
71)          Are We Responsible For The Thoughts Of Our Hearts
72)          Taking the Lessons From Yom Tovim Into The Year
Tapes By Rabbi Shlomo Holland
$3.00 Per Tape- Page 3

73) How to Cultivate True Love
74) Man's Birth & Rebirth (Rosh Hashanah)
75) Techias Hameisim
76) In The Absence Of Torah Values
77) How One Creates Relationships
78) Is The Bais Hamikdosh Still Burning Today?
79- 86) 13 Principles Of The Rambam (Parts #1-7)
87) Elul
88) Selichos
89) Shovous: Matan Torah
90) Lag B`omer
91) The Dignity & Divinity Of Man
92) Achdus- The End Of The Journey
93) Shovous: Your Own Kabbalas Hatorah
94) Shovous Of The Mind
95) Shovous: Rus- Mother Of Malchus
96) Sefiras Haomer
97) Purim
98) Jealous Of & Jealous For
99) Chanukah Thoughts: Flames That Burn Eternally
100) Tisha B'av
101) Pesach Insights
102) Pesach- The Ten Makkos Of Mitzraim
103) The Avodah Of Ellul
104) The Ten Days Of Teshuvah
105) Sukkos
106) How To Act Like G-d
107) The Meaning Of Ezer K'negdo
108) The Ego- Less Self
109) Pesach: Retaining Jewish Identity In The Diaspora
110) Redemption: The Season Of Freedom
111) Perspectives On The Rabin Assassination
112) Ahavas Hashem Through Hakaras Hatov
113) Tears: Man's, G-d's & The Angel's